Organic Mattress versus Spring Mattress

Selecting the Right Crib Mattress: Organic versus Spring Mattresses

Cribs are a very special place for the baby because it provides a safe haven for the baby to sleep in peace. So, in order for this to happen, you must make sure to purchase the best crib mattress to ensure the comfort and safety of your baby. One of the most important steps in finding a sleeping spot for the baby is purchasing the right mattress. But in a debate between organic and spring mattresses, which should you choose?

Spring Mattresses

This inexpensive type of mattress is made of inner springs that are covered with cotton and foam to make the spring more comfortable to sleep on. Typically, spring mattresses are made with one side covered in plastic and the other covered in cotton. The spring mattresses that offer the best comfort are the ones with a high spring count because it provides a comforting level of firmness needed to get a good night’s rest. In comparison to organic mattresses, this type is more affordable, although it is not as cheap as its foam competitor. With a spring mattress, you run the risk of wear and tear to the mattresses and any exposed springs could bring danger to your baby. Although the material used in spring mattresses are usually able to withstand any activity going on in the crib, unforeseen accidents can cause a rip in the material causing one or more of the springs to pop out. This could present a dangerous situation for the child.Organic Option

Organic Mattresses

The biggest and most known difference between organic mattresses and spring mattresses is that organic mattresses tend to cost more money and for good reason. Organic mattresses require a bit more work in its creation which would result in more money being spent when purchasing the item. This is not the only difference from the foam mattress. Organic mattresses are comprised of a number of natural elements. Typically, an organic mattress is made of coconut fiber or coir fibers, natural latex, organic cotton, or wool. In order to be considered an organic mattress, the mattress should be made of at least one of these natural materials. Also, these materials must have been included in the making of the mattress without being tampered with by using any kind of inorganic treatments, like pesticides. Because of the extra work and natural ingredients that go into making an organic mattress, the item can range anywhere from $200 to $500 for a crib size mattress. It may seem a bit pricey, but for individuals who desire a healthier and more eco-friendly method of relaxing for their children should consider investing in an organic crib mattress.

So, which should you choose? The only up side to purchasing a foam mattress is for the price and the comfort that it gives. However, not amount of comfort or amount of spending money is worth having a child suffering from the harmful materials used to make a foam mattress. Organic mattresses are definitely a safer choice as a crib mattress.